Will Knox is an entrepreneur who co-founded a gourmet food and restaurant franchise, World Links, which he built to eleven units. He has international experience, vision and a leadership style that leads to success. His interest is growing brands and consulting with companies in order to help them facilitate rapid growth for their concepts. As a CEO he created his business concept from the ground up. He co-created a franchise for units in the United States and abroad. In this process, he negotiated licensing agreements with two multi-billion dollar companies for brand expansion into the airport and mega-mall food service niche. Other non-traditional venues for his concept included stadiums, hotels, malls, and kiosks. He developed menu items with an international theme, featuring low fat and additive-free ingredients.

During the 1980s Knox became one of the leading brokers of restaurant properties in Los Angeles. The first site Knox established was for a little known chef, Wolfgang Puck, and his concept known as SPAGO in Los Angeles. His expertise in real estate development and negotiations and restaurant site establishment provided him the opportunity to establish the sites for Hard Rock Cafes in San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, Honolulu, Sydney, and Las Vegas.

Knox's accomplishments include management team development, leadership in infrastructure establishment, brand creation and market penetration, service delivery implementation, business and strategic planning, process improvement, and trouble shooting. He has been a television producer and produced a video magazine for ESPN, sponsored by Buick. He has also produced short films and received the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film festival for Best Short Film.